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Swaga Bears

Mint Date: 20.04 / 17:00 GMT

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Quote Mark I was born to STAND OUT. Quote Mark

Swaga Bears is a collection of 5555 NFTs building the greatest ALPHA group on the Solana Blockchain.

20% from mint sales and 50% from royalties will go directly to the DAO wallet.

Owning Swaga Bears gets you access to the ALPHA GROUP and makes you an exclusive member of the SB DAO with voting rights.
Swaga Bears holders will have the opportunity to launch projects through the Swaga Bears launchpad and to get funding from the DAO wallet funds.

Responsive Bear
  • Astro Bear
  • Astro Bear
  • Astro Bear
  • Astro Bear
  • Astro Bear
  • Astro Bear
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  • Astro Bear
Surprise Bear Surprise Bear

Mint Information

Quote Mark Make them stop & gaze. Quote Mark

Mint your own unique Swaga Bear!

Total supply - 5555 NFTs

Free mint presale - 1300 NFTs

Public sale - 4255 NFTs

Price - 1.5 SOL

Date - 20.04.2022 17:00 GMT


Quote Mark it’S COOL BEING ME Quote Mark

SWAGA Bear is made up of 8 traits and thousands of possibilities!

Bear Gif Asteroid
5,555 Swaga Bears to mint.

8 traits make up each NFT of the SWAGA Bear collection, resulting in thousands of different possibilities to mint.

  • Background
  • Skin
  • Accessory
  • Hand attributes
  • Face expression
  • Face item
  • Mouth item
  • Jewelry

The Story

Quote Mark Live the life that people write novels about!
Like a boss! Quote Mark

5,555 – The Angel number that is you telling you to keep going on the same road you are on right now, because your DREAMS and ASPIRATIONS are soon going to become a REALITY! The Swaga Bear project inspires you to seek out the best in life and live the life you have always dreamed of!

Get out of the cage - be strong, be classy, be alive! SWAGA BEAR needs YOU to build together the material lifestyle empire of our desires! Let’s break the matrix of stereotypes and don’t be the boring 9 to 5 pussy! Come with us and live the life you deserve! Be the change!

Crown Roadmap

Phase 1

  • Creating phenomenal art by the world class graffiti artists - Arsek&Erase
  • Huge Marketing Campaigns
  • Free Mint Whitelist
  • Wonderful SWAG Adventure with $5000 prize
  • Partnering with other big projects

Phase 2

  • Swaga Bears listing on Magic Eden
  • Building the greatest ALPHA group on the Solana blockchain

    Access to the ALPHA group for crypto and NFT knowledge and signals and personal development for all holders.

  • DAO and Launchpad

    50% from the royalties and 20% from mint sales are going directly to a DAO wallet. The DAO will decide where to invest. 1 NFT = 1 voting power The 20% from mint sales will be used as a funding for 1 or 2 projects presented by the holders.

Phase 3

Second Collection - Galactic Swaga Bears

Holders who don't sell for 14 days will get a serum, which can be used to mutate your Swaga Bear to a Galactic Swaga Bear

Phase 4

Exclusive Events

Holders who don't sell for 90 days will get access to our exclusive events in the best cities all over the world.


Collaboration with celebrity brands and creating the best SWAG wearables

Phase 5

coming soon

Glasses Team



Creative Director

True leader, workaholic, born for great victories. A little bit selfish, but extremely good at managing teams.

Currently running several different successful businesses. He loves to play video games in his free time.

Kevin Pumpliano

Product Design

Master of details, more than 9 years of experience in graphics and custom designs. He loves to take pictures of hot chicks on the best islands in the world.

Kevin Pumpliano


Marketing director

Good marketing makes the project look smart. Great marketing makes the customer feel smart.

He is Guru of marketing and will be responsible to make the best marketing strategy for the project.

Will Breezly

Will Breezly

Community and marketing

NFTs master and the most extrovert creature that exists.

He will make sure that everyone understands what we are doing and will be responsible to answer every question. Real bitcoin lover.

CJ Jeffrey

CJ Jeffrey

Platform development and smart contract

Genius when it comes to coding and technical issues, a real hacker.

He worked with some other successful projects on the blockchain in his background.


Main advisor and investor

He knows only one thing, how to generate and multiply money. Technically he is a nerd, but who cares, he is RICH.


Joe Bearson

Project developer and crypto technical analyst

Concentration is his special power, not only when it's hot, but also through the winter hibernation period when all the bears sleep!

Professional crypto trader with experience in sales, management.

Joe Bearson
Ben Ursa

Ben Ursa

Crypto professional and sales

With years of experience in the crypto market and sales, he will be the most active person in our crypto talks and yes... he can sell the pen.

Surprise Bear Surprise Bear

Hat Q&A

  • If you hold your Swaga Bears NFT for 14 days after the mint, you will be airdopped a special serum, that will create for you only a Galactic Swaga Bears NFT.
  • Holding Swaga Bears NFT gives you access to our special events
  • If you hold Swaga Bears NFT's in your wallet after minting, you will participate in the distribution of a certain % of the DAO wallet funds (Check announcements in our Discord).

Our whitelist spots are almost filled, few more spots left. Check the Discord.

We are minting on 20/04 (Wednesday) at 17:00 GMT with the price of 1.5 SOL

Our supply consists 5555 unique Swaga Bear NFT's

Solana Blockchain, due to the minimal gas fees, compared to the ETH. Many bluechip ETH projects are heading towards Solana.